NEA Members for Our Revolution is a caucus of the National Education Association organized to:

  • promote the principles of Our Revolution within the National Education Association and support candidates for public office based on their support for these principles.
  • work through Labor for Our Revolution to develop closer ties between the NEA and the broader labor movement.
  • bring the perspective of education workers to Our Revolution and help develop the Our Revolution platform on education.

Our nation is at a crossroads. As union participation rates decline, real wages of working people fall, and inequality grows (see USA Today,The New York Times, and Economic Policy Institute). Further attacks on our deeply embattled movement loom on the horizon (see NEA).

NEA Members for Our Revolution is an organization of educators who are progressive fighters in the struggle to turn back the assault on our lives and our dignity as working people. We are social movement unionists working to defend and improve the lives not just of our members, but of the students we serve and the neighbors in the communities in which we live.

What We're Doing Now

NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly

Amity and Jeff at the NEA RA 2018

NEA Members for Our Revolution tabled at the RA in Minneapolis. Here's what we did there:

  • Met with Rose Roach, Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association, who spoke with us on why the nurses' social justice campaign for universal healthcare led them to be the first union in the country to endorse Bernie Sander's for president in 2016, and why that same passion has led them to the forefront of Our Revolution. She discussed the many similarities that healthcare and education workers share in being servants of the people, and why for this very reason we should be leading in rebuilding the labor movement.
  • Signed up new caucus members and handed out literature at our table in the non-profit booths Hall.
  • Submitted several new business items (see NBIs2018 and NBIs2018n2).